MoP Lv90までの道のりとその後(装備編)


5man random Req.iLv440          Lv      normal  heroic
Temple of the Jade Serpent      85-86   410Lv   463Lv,476Lv
Stormstout Brewery              86-88   410Lv   463Lv,476Lv
Shado-Pan Monastery             87-90   435Lv   463Lv,476Lv
Mogu'shan Palace                87-90   450Lv   463Lv,476Lv
Siege of Niuzao Temple          90              463Lv,476Lv
Gate of the Setting Sun         90              463Lv,476Lv


Rep:Honored JP Gears            90      450Lv
Rep:Honored Profession Armor    90      476Lv
Rep:Honored Blacksmith Weapons  90      463Lv
Rep:Revered VP Gears            90      489Lv
Rep:Exalted JP Weapons          90      463Lv

Alchemy Trinket                 85      450Lv
Inscription Staff               85      424Lv
Inscription BoA Staff           90      476Lv
Inscription Off-hand            86      424Lv
Inscription Off-hand            90      476Lv

PvP Gears                               Armor   Weapons
Dreadful Gladiator              90      464Lv   476Lv
Malevolent Gladiator            90      489Lv   502Lv


9/25 MoP Start:)
10/2                            RF      normal  heroic  elite
Mogu'shan Vaults(normal)                489Lv
MV(RF,heroic)                   476Lv   489Lv   502Lv
Heart of Fear(normal)                   496Lv
Terrace of Endless Spring(normal)       496Lv
HoF(RF3/6,heroic)               483Lv   496Lv   509Lv
ToES(heroic)                            496Lv   509Lv   516Lv
HoF(RF6/6)                      483Lv   496Lv   509Lv
ToES(RF)                        483Lv   496Lv   509Lv   516Lv


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